The Benefits of Yoga

If you are considering starting your yoga journey or advancing it, Yoga in the Village is ideal for you. Yoga is an excellent way to improve your strength and flexibility. The great thing about yoga is that almost everybody can do it, and it is not a reserve for flexible people and meditation enthusiasts. During your session at Yoga in the Village, you will learn that some aspects of yoga are about relaxation while others involve moving more. Most of the yoga poses included in Yoga in the Village sessions involve stretching your muscles and can help relieve stiffness and fatigue, and allow you to move better. The thing about yoga is that you make progress very soon and you will be able to improve your flexibility within a short period.

Some yoga styles like power yoga and ashtanga are quite physical and can help improve your muscle tone. However, even less physical yoga styles like Hatha or Iyengar can offer substantial endurance and strength benefits. Most of the poses like the plank pose, downward dog, and upward dog improve the strength of your upper body. Standing poses develop strength in your abs, hamstrings, and quadriceps, especially by holding them for several long breaths. The chair pose and upward dog can be of great help when it comes to strengthening your lower back. Another great thing about yoga is that when done correctly, close to all the poses can help you develop deep abdominal muscles. Most sitting and standing poses help boost your core strength because you require your core muscles to maintain and support each pose. You are more likely to stand and sit tall with a stronger core.

Yoga in the Village also helps you develop your body awareness. As a result, you will be able to detect more quickly when you are slumping or slouching and adjust your posture. Since yoga involves focusing on your breath, it can help you relax — and in the age of financial obligations and collections, who doesn’t need to relax a bit? However, yoga is not aerobic like cycling or running, unless it is one of the more intense yoga types. Yoga in the Village also allows you to feel relaxed and less stressed. Some types of yoga incorporate techniques of meditation that have a calming effect on the mind. Yoga is also known to lower the heart rate and lower blood pressure. This can be quite beneficial for people who have experienced a stroke, have heart diseases, or high blood pressure.

Regardless of your yoga level, joining Yoga in the Village is a great idea. It will improve your physical and mental health and make you live a more blissful life.

Alicia Hansen – The Woman Behind The Yoga in the Village

Alicia Hansen, the instructor behind Yoga in the Village, developed an interest in yoga during her college years at Baldwin-Wallace College, where she majored in theater. She started a weight loss and healthy lifestyle journey leaning towards vinyasa yoga. Alicia found yoga quite rewarding since it provided an outlet for her creativity. She started seriously pursuing yoga, and in 2012 earned a two-hundred-hour certification at a local yoga center. Alicia Hansen is also a writer, and many people in Cleveland know her as the author of the lifestyle blog Always Alicia, previously Poise in Parma. She started writing about health in 2009 after she lost over a hundred pounds the old fashioned way. Since this inspiration, Alicia Hansen continues to document her life through the several activities that she, her golden retrievers, husband, and daughter partake in Northeast Ohio. Alicia also has significant experience as a fundraiser and currently serves as the Marketing Director for L’Nique Specialty Linen Rental. She has been involved in numerous wine and food events including 5ks like the Jingle Bell Walk/Run for Arthritis, the Silver Spoon Awards Party by Cleveland Magazine, galas including the events surrounding the 2009 Great Lakes Theatre Festival’s Tom Hanks at The Hanna, and much more. In 2011, CBC Magazine honored Alicia Hansen as a Rising Star in their Connector’s Choice Awards for her role in a local Arthritis Foundation.

Teaching and Practicing yoga is an important aspect of Alicia Hansen’s life. She was formerly an instructor at Elevated Dance Headquarters, Nishkama Yoga, and Evolution Yoga School and Practice Space. Her Yoga Brunch in collaboration with Dante Next Door was quite popular in Bremont, Cleveland, and was a staple in the region for 2 years. In spring 2014, Alicia Hansen joined the Master Training Program at ParaYoga, where she spent over one hundred hours with Yogarupa Rod Stryker, ParaYoga founder doing advanced training sessions. Alicia Hansen’s additional teaching influences include Jill Miller, Kathryn Budig, Alexandria Crow, and Jason Crandell. In the summer of 2014 and 2013, she taught Yoga Rocks the park outdoor yoga lessons as a guest teacher. In 2017, Alicia Hansen hosted fundraiser lessons for Cleveland’s Arthritis Foundation, including Sunset Yoga at the Superior Viaduct with Luca Italian Cuisine, and Platform Brewing Co.’s Yoga Plus Beer. She has also been a guest lecturer at Case Western Reserve University, where she taught about yoga as part of the institution’s cultural context course on the management of chronic illness. Alicia Hansen is a regular contributor to Behind The Curtain Blog, PlayHouseSquare, and #BeThePlusBlog where she continues to spread the word about the things that make the wider Cleveland an excellent place to live on her social media feeds and blog. In Alicia’s free time, she enjoys being a full-time #crazydoglady, hiking, traveling, and biking.

Through Yoga in the Village, Alicia Hansen offers a complete, well-rounded practice suitable for yoga enthusiasts of all levels while sharing useful ideas that are applicable both in the yoga class and in the outside world. Yoga in the Village provides restorative yoga that completely supports your body to supreme bliss and relaxation.

Yoga in the Village

The word yoga comes from “Yuji”, a Sanskrit term that means yoke or union. It was an ancient activity that was developed to bring together the body and the mind. Yoga incorporates meditation, poses, and breathing exercises designed to decrease stress and encourage relaxation. There are many benefits to practicing yoga including promoting your mental and physical health.

Yoga in the Village offers a variety of sixty-minute yoga workshops, all of which are tailored to enhance your meditation or yoga practice, boost your spiritual and personal development, and health and wellness. Let your soul shine with happiness and health! Join Yoga in the Village and find the harmonious union among spirit, mind, breadth, and body. The one-hour classes are offered by Alicia Hansen, who is a writer at Always Alicia and yoga teacher based in Cleveland. The yoga lesson usually costs $15 for every person, in addition to Eventbrite fees. When you purchase a Yoga in the Village ticket, part of the amount is donated to Northeast Ohio’s Arthritis Foundation. In addition to the one-hour yoga lesson by Alicia Hansen, participants of Yoga in the Village often get gift cards, alongside coupons and other gifts. However, the slots for Yoga in the Village are usually limited, and one has to make an early reservation to get a slot. Equipment you will need to bring along to Yoga in the Village include water and a mat where you will do your yoga. Yoga in the Village welcomes yoga enthusiasts of all ages and levels. So, bring your yoga mat as you explore serenity, flexibility, strength, and energize your body.

One of the most recent Yoga in the Village events was held on Legacy Village Lawn in the summer of 2019. In the 2019’s Yoga in the Village series, Alicia Hansen teamed up with Legacy Village of Northeast Ohio for a summer full of down dogs outside. The event was held on Tuesday, 25th June 2019, on Legacy Village Lawn, running for 60 minutes from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm featuring an all-levels yoga lesson. After the one-hour class, participants had a gathering at Bar Louie, where they were offered a unique Yoga in the Village menu, as well as complimentary mini spa services from Ladies and Gentlemen Salon and Spa. Tickets to the 2019 Yoga in the Village event cost $15 per head with a portion of the proceeds to the ticket sales and beverage and food sales at Bar Louie going to the Arthritis Foundation of Northeast Ohio. Participants were also gifted with some goodies, including gift cards and coupons from Legacy Village restaurants and shops.

Specialty workshops, corporate classes, private sessions, and other meditation and yoga-related events are also available. Private sessions are offered for all yoga levels. If you are looking for a way to transform the speed of how you usually practice, seeking to develop your yoga skills, or beginning your yoga journey, Yoga in the Village is ideal for you. If you reside in the wider Cleveland region, Yoga in the Village can help you progress your yogic learning path. Some of the features of the private yoga sessions include meditation, physical postures (asana), and breathwork (pranayama). The private sessions also include a special homework practice to allow you to continue learning between sessions. Prices for the private lessons vary depending on mileage, number of people, and the length of the lesson.