Yoga in the Village

The word yoga comes from “Yuji”, a Sanskrit term that means yoke or union. It was an ancient activity that was developed to bring together the body and the mind. Yoga incorporates meditation, poses, and breathing exercises designed to decrease stress and encourage relaxation. There are many benefits to practicing yoga including promoting your mental and physical health.

Yoga in the Village offers a variety of sixty-minute yoga workshops, all of which are tailored to enhance your meditation or yoga practice, boost your spiritual and personal development, and health and wellness. Let your soul shine with happiness and health! Join Yoga in the Village and find the harmonious union among spirit, mind, breadth, and body. The one-hour classes are offered by Alicia Hansen, who is a writer at Always Alicia and yoga teacher based in Cleveland. The yoga lesson usually costs $15 for every person, in addition to Eventbrite fees. When you purchase a Yoga in the Village ticket, part of the amount is donated to Northeast Ohio’s Arthritis Foundation. In addition to the one-hour yoga lesson by Alicia Hansen, participants of Yoga in the Village often get gift cards, alongside coupons and other gifts. However, the slots for Yoga in the Village are usually limited, and one has to make an early reservation to get a slot. Equipment you will need to bring along to Yoga in the Village include water and a mat where you will do your yoga. Yoga in the Village welcomes yoga enthusiasts of all ages and levels. So, bring your yoga mat as you explore serenity, flexibility, strength, and energize your body.

One of the most recent Yoga in the Village events was held on Legacy Village Lawn in the summer of 2019. In the 2019’s Yoga in the Village series, Alicia Hansen teamed up with Legacy Village of Northeast Ohio for a summer full of down dogs outside. The event was held on Tuesday, 25th June 2019, on Legacy Village Lawn, running for 60 minutes from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm featuring an all-levels yoga lesson. After the one-hour class, participants had a gathering at Bar Louie, where they were offered a unique Yoga in the Village menu, as well as complimentary mini spa services from Ladies and Gentlemen Salon and Spa. Tickets to the 2019 Yoga in the Village event cost $15 per head with a portion of the proceeds to the ticket sales and beverage and food sales at Bar Louie going to the Arthritis Foundation of Northeast Ohio. Participants were also gifted with some goodies, including gift cards and coupons from Legacy Village restaurants and shops.

Specialty workshops, corporate classes, private sessions, and other meditation and yoga-related events are also available. Private sessions are offered for all yoga levels. If you are looking for a way to transform the speed of how you usually practice, seeking to develop your yoga skills, or beginning your yoga journey, Yoga in the Village is ideal for you. If you reside in the wider Cleveland region, Yoga in the Village can help you progress your yogic learning path. Some of the features of the private yoga sessions include meditation, physical postures (asana), and breathwork (pranayama). The private sessions also include a special homework practice to allow you to continue learning between sessions. Prices for the private lessons vary depending on mileage, number of people, and the length of the lesson.